The Unique Beauty of Akari Lamps

In the symbolism of modern design, the Akari Lamp draws inspiration from the iconic Akari light sculptures by designer Isamu Noguchi. Handcrafted from 1951 onwards by artisans in Gifu, Japan, these paper lanterns showcase the harmonious blend of Japanese traditional craftsmanship and modernist form.

Inspired by Japanese Tradition:

The Akari Table Lamp's shade is meticulously crafted from selected Washi paper, renowned for its high transparency and soft texture. Light passing through the paper becomes gentle and uniform, eliminating harsh glare and adding a layer of inviting ambiance to your space. This design inherits Japanese tradition while presenting it in a modern way, showcasing the unique beauty of the design.

Akari Lamp

Stable Structure of Metal Frame:

Supported by a stable and elegant metal frame, the Akari Table Lamp transcends its functional role. Carefully chosen metal materials by the designer ensure both stability and a modern aesthetic. This lamp becomes not only a lighting fixture but also a decorative piece enhancing the visual appeal of your space.

Three Recommended Akari Lamps:

1. Akari 1A Table LampThe Akari 1A Table Lamp is a stylish and versatile addition to any room. With its modern design and soft, ambient lighting, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Akari 1A Table Lamp 2

2. Akari 24N Table LampIntroducing the Akari Table Lamp 24N—made with luxurious rice paper and metal, it brings a cozy, soft light to your home. Switch it on and enjoy the calming atmosphere from its calming light.

Akari 24N Table Lamp

3. Rice Paper Floor Lamp Akari 10A: This Rice Paper Floor Lamp Akari 10A offers a soft, ambient light that will light up any space in your home.  The warm rice paper shade paired with a sturdy, metal base creates a modern aesthetic that is perfect for any room.  The 10A size provides enough light while remaining energy-efficient.

Rice Paper Floor Lamp Akari 10A

The Akari Lamp series injects a unique dynamic beauty into our living spaces through the thoughtful fusion of traditional and modern elements. More than just a lamp, it is a tribute to art and design, bringing warmth and beauty to our everyday lives.